Imported plastic scrap must have impurities cleaned

Imported platic scrap must have impurities cleaned

The plastics production in general and recycled plastics in particular have shown their great potentials for development, but there are still many difficulties in finding raw materials. Recently, a new environment – related standard for imported scrap as raw materials shows that only used plastics which are chopped, cut into pieces and cleaned to remove new impurities can be imported.

A new standard for plastic scrap import

Mr. Nguyen Thuong Hien - Director of Waste Management, Vietnam Environment Administration, said that the 32/2018, the technical regulation on imported plastic scrap, has been applied since the end of October 2018. In response to the practice, the standard provides a detailed description of the shape and type of scrap that will be allowed to be imported.

Particularly, each block of imported plastic scrap should be sorted separately in the shipment or in the import container, which makes the inspection become more convenient in accordance with laws.

In addition, imported plastic scrap should be removed from substances, materials and goods banned from importation in accordance with Vietnamese laws and international treaties. If the used plastics are not cut into pieces and cleaned to remove impurities, they are not allowed to import into the country. At the same time, some below categories are not allowed to import: plastic covers of used electronic equipment such as televisions, computers and office equipment.

Being stringent in scrap quality inspection

The need to import raw materials for plastics production activities is obvious. However, the new standard indicated more stringent quality assurance. According to the Vietnam Environment Administration, the distinguish point of this standard is regulations on methods of checking quality and on organizations and individuals to scrap.

For sampling method in particular, for consignments with less than 5 containers, one container for sampling is selected; For consignments with 5 to less than 20 containers, 2 containers for sampling are selected; For consignments with more than 20 containers, 10% of the containers will be selected for sampling. Specifically, confiriming scrap quality is made through representative sampling as a set of random samples taken.

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