Plastic waste is a resource that needs to be recycled

According to the Ministry of Construction, plastic waste is a resource that needs to be collected, sorted and recycled. On July 20, the International Union for Conservation of Nature in collaboration with the Business Council for Sustainable Development and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Technology (VCA) held a workshop on "Identifying stakeholders and policy barriers in plastic waste management in Vietnam".

Representatives of enterprises presented the harms of plastic waste, solid waste to the environment and human life and proposed measures to limit plastic waste disposal as well as the plan for recycling, recycle source.

Vietnam top 5 world waste plastic waste

The International Union for Conservation of Nature emphasizes that plastic waste is one of the global threats and challenges to the ecosystem and the resilience of the coastal zone. Every year, about 8 million tons of plastic waste pouring into the ocean is causing negative impacts on the food chain, ecosystem health and livelihoods of coastal communities.

According to the University of Georgia, Vietnam is one of the five countries in the world with the largest amount of plastic waste in the world. "Vietnam is among the top 20 polluted countries, equal to the United States or Malaysia, higher than the world average of 10%. Each year, about 8 million tonnes of plastic waste pours into the ocean, Vietnam has about 1.8 million tons. On average, each person releases 1.2 kg of rubbish a day, 16% of which is plastic waste - this research reports.

Mr. Hoang Duong Tung, stated that plastic waste is plastic products that have been used and discarded. The waste composition in our country is mainly plastic wastes without or low value. High-value waste has been "collected relatively thoroughly."

"Plastic waste is a global problem but must be handled locally. It is impossible to separate plastic waste from solid waste management, "said Tung. According to Mr. Tung, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are two places with the largest amount of waste discharged into the environment, about 80 tons of waste each day. In Ho Chi Minh City, there are about 250,000 tons of plastic wastes annually, of which 48,000 tons are buried, 200,000 tons of recycled plastic or disposed directly to the environment.

Mr. Hoang Duong Tung had a speech about plastic waste treatment.
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Sharing with, Nguyen Thuy Anh (IUCN) said that the biggest concern today is plastic waste. IUCN and its units and businesses have many programs to address waste and the environment, but that is not enough to put Vietnam out of the country of the world’s top garbage.

"I hope the plastic waste problem will be more concentrated, IUCN and other businesses will have more options and solutions in the waste disposal," said Thuy Anh.

Representatives of the International Union for Conservation of Nature said that apart from plastic waste and solid waste, attention should be paid to the effective disposal of non-recyclable nylon bags. "Organizations that directly produce plastic products when used will turn into plastic waste, nylon bags need to carry out their duties in support of initiatives, waste disposal that the main They are the creators, "she said.

Plastic waste is also a resource

At the conference, officials of the Department of Technical Infrastructure, Ministry of Construction, emphasized that plastic waste is a problem Vietnam is facing and no plan to handle it.

"Plastic waste is a resource, so there should be a way to collect, classify and recycle it. Waste that cannot be used will be disposed of, "he said.

With regard to the problem of plastic waste as much as it is in Vietnam, the Department of Infrastructure says that it is necessary to plan and guide the local authorities to review, develop and adjust the appropriate solid waste management plan. Specifically, sectoral planning, construction planning and strategic objectives must be completed by mid-2019.

By 2020, about 80% of the plastic waste will be treated according to the classification and recycling technology. The waste is mainly treated in urban areas and partly in rural areas.

The Department of Technical Infrastructure also said that the Ministry of Construction will play as an advisory body for the Government to develop strategies and solutions. How to process and process technology must be processed by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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