Seminar kick-off Plastech Vietnam 2020 Exhibition

On December 11th, VEAS organized successfully seminar to introduce and kick-off PlasTech Vietnam 2020 Exhibition.

Seminar “Rubber & Plastic Products - New demands from main Industries in Vietnam” took place at Liberty Central Saigon Riverside Hotel. Thanks to practical information and professional organizing, the seminar attracted more than 100 registrations as well as 100 representatives from businesses in Rubber & Plastic industry in Vietnam.

At the seminar, it’s VEAS’s honor to welcome delegates from Ministries, VRA, Rubber Industry Expert, HCMC Rubber Plastic Manufacturers Association, Representatives from Universities, Institutes, Companies in Rubber & Tyre and related Automobile Industries in Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Anh was sharing about opportunities and challenges of  Vietnam rubber & plastic industry
Mr. Nguyen Quoc Anh was sharing about opportunities and challenges of Vietnam rubber & plastic industry

“There’re some difficulties in Rubber & Tyre Manufacture Industry such as lack of product designing skills, high fee of manufacturing. However, the Industry still has variety of competing opportunities such as advantage of agriculture tyre, the movement of rubber factories to Vietnam, many niche markets for businesses to invest in, etc.”, said Nguyen Quoc Anh – President of HCMC Rubber Plastic Manufacturers Association. 

Ban tổ chức hội thảo trân trọng đón tiếp các đại biểu đến từ Bộ ngành, Hiệp hội, trường  Đại học và các chuyên gia hàng đầu
Seminar welcomed delegates from Ministries, Association, Universities to share information and experiences

The seminar has brought a golden opportunity for businesses to update changes in the policies of government, listen to practical experiences, useful sharings from experts. Moreover, talk show and Q&A of the seminar are chances for participants and speakers exchange information with each other. The event is also a good place for business owners widen their networks, build up new relationship, collaborate to develop their businesses.

This is considered as a kick-off activity for PlasTech Vietnam 2020 Exhibition that will be organized in June 2020. PlasTech Vietnam 2020 Exhibition is promising platform for trading, which helps businesses and visitors meet their potential customers, enhance their brand images and update market information and new technologies in Rubber & Plastic industry.

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